Monday, August 15, 2011

Semi-Finalist #4: Proud Army Wife Diana Herrmann

I thought I'd give this a shot and Enter. Win or lose I always enjoy sharing a bit about being a Army Wife with people. My husband serves in the Army and has been for the past 8 years. I myself come from a military family. My father is in the Army soon to retire, my grandfather is retired Air Force, my father in law was in the military and my brother is serving in the Army. Both my father and my brother just got deployed and my husband is due to deploy next year.

We have been stationed to Ft. Huachuca AZ, Fort Hood Tx, and many other places. We have 3 little boys, the youngest looks up to his dad and grandpa and wants to be in the Army like them. He is our little soldier. The toughest job isn't being a mother and holding down the fort at home while he is deployed, taking care of our children, finances etc....The toughest thing is saying goodbye to him every time he has to leave for a deployment or for his training. He has been gone for months on end this entire year, home maybe a week and then off again. It's really tough saying goodbye to him - Sometimes it feels like I am a single mother raising our kids by myself when he is gone.

The one thing that is most rewarding for me is when he comes home. Every time he is ready to come home I get those "first date" butterflies in my stomach and seeing him again is like I am falling in love all over again with him . It really is the best reward I could get to have him home even for just one week. I do NOT like that he has to leave as much as he does but I accept it because I am his wife and I understand the sacrifices that come with his duty as a soldier. I will never take anything for granted because I do know what I have, I have a best friend, a soldier, a hero, a father, a soulmate in a bundle! He is my rock I lean on when things get rough at home.

I really Am not sure what else I could/should Write as I've never entered contests like these but it seems I could go on for hours the pride I have for my soldier and my Family and being in their lives on a daily basis. I am proud To call myself his wife and a sister, daughter, daughter-in-law and granddaughter of U.S. Military Soldiers who have served in the past, present and future. I couldn't see my life any other way then what it is now.

--Diana Herrmann

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