Monday, August 8, 2011

Interview with Erotic Romance Author, Cheryl Brooks

Hey there! Long time-no blog.

This has been one nutsy summer! Kids. Work. Deadlines. More kids. More get the idea. Things are really starting to crank up as the release date of UNLEASHED approaches. Only 54 days to go :) Woot~!

At RWA in June, I was able to sit down and get a one-on-one interview with erotic romance author Cheryl Brooks. She is a lot of fun and so are her books. (hubba hubba) She writes a very HOT sci-fi romance series called the Cat Star Chronicles. Very cool and very different.

Her latest release is Virgin (Book #7) and I really enjoyed it. I think Dax is my favorite hero from her far. Stud (Book #8) will be released in February 2012 and it sounds like a hoot! But don't take my word for it...check out the video below and let Cheryl tell you in her own words.

For more information about Cheryl and her books you can go to her website!


Cheryl Brooks said...

Hi Sara! It was really fun talking to you at RWA! Thanks again for the interview!

Sara Humphreys said...

I had a blast chatting with you too! Looking foward to next year already. Maybe I'll catch up with you at RT in Chicago? Thanks for chatting with me :)

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