Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Chance to Make a Difference.

**The note below is from my Dad, Charlie Taney. This is a great story and a fantastic chance to make a difference in the life of an outstanding young man. I, for one, will be contributing. I hope you'll want to take the chance to make a difference in this fantastic young man's life.**

I want you to know about a special project I have undertaken and give you the opportunity to join me in making a difference in one person's life.

Here's the story:Kareem Cope and I got to know each other when he volunteered for the high school internship program at SoundWaters. Kareem was attending Wright Tech in Stamford. His dream is to go to college. I offered to help and he took me up on it. With his parent's support, I became Kareem's advocate. Testing revealed that Kareem is several grade levels behind, and has some learning disabilities. We focused on finding an independent school that could prepare Kareem for college. We zeroed in on the Forman School in Litchfield, CT, the leading independent school for students with learning disabilities (now called "learning differences").

was accepted and started in September, repeating his Junior year. He is one excited young man! (picture attached).

You can see the whole story, and meet Kareem through his short video, at our blog;

But Forman costs $55,250 per year. The school has given Kareem $25,000 in aid. I have taken personal responsibility for raising the $30,250 balance. Kareem's parents have committed $2,000, a huge amount for them. Carol and I have also committed $2,000. I’m reaching out to friends and associates and have raised over $14,000 so far.

I hope you'll consider a donation in the $25, $50, $100 range. You can donate online at, you can make your check payable to The Forman School, note Kareem Cope on the check, and mail it to me at 9 Outer Road, Norwalk, CT 06854.

I realize this is a lot to ask, and whether or not you can help, I very much appreciate your consideration. I have hesitated reaching out to you but decided that, in the end, many of you would want to know about this and have the opportunity to participate. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of my work with Kareem. If you know of anyone who might like to help, please pass this along.

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