Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guest Blogger--Nicole from HowlingGoodBooks.com

Well, hello again all! Sara has welcomed me back! W00t! So I thought I would turn her graciousness on everyone! Welcome to Sara’s Blog! And my return to answer any questions you may have! Ask away and I will answer! Whatever the question! Whether about this post, my site- HowlingGoodBooks.com, or being a reviewer!

And Happy October! What a wonderful month! A month when we get to dress up as anything that our imaginations can dream up and not be looked at funny! And since it is dress up as wacky as you can dream of month I thought we could discuss our favorite creatures that go bump in the night and how we came to read paranormal or Science Fiction!

My mom started me out! I will be honest, my mom much preferred for me to read than watch TV! “Books,” she said,” will make the imagination soar. Anything is possible in them!” When I was in middle school I came across her Greek mythology college text book and begged to read it. She allowed me to, knowing that I had exhausted all the books in my school’s library. I ate it up! After that I soared through Stephen King’s novels, skulked through Dean Kootnz’s books, and “learned” how to make magical mistakes with Piers Anthony.

As I grew into adulthood my fascination with the strange and unusual grew with me. I kept finding new authors to help me with my….. er, book addiction, lol. Or would that be helped my addiction continue? But whichever way you put it, my love of books, and reading, grew exponentially. I found new authors by the quotes they left on the authors’ books that I read already. And as my addiction became out of control so did my stash of books, much to my husband’s dismay! ;)

So what is my favorite paranormal creature? Magician? Vampire? Were animal? Alien? Well, it is not a space creature. Although they are intriguing, I love Earth! Magician? While I love magic and all the possibilities it opens up, that is not my fave! Blood sucking vamp? Nope! I would end up being the anal retentive, blood-o-phobe! Imagine a vamp having to be fed through an IV! I would be the shame of every vampire alive…. Er,dead… er undead lol. I would end up being staked by my maker! If you said Were you were right! I have always had a soft spot for animals, wolves in particular- and it simply carried over!
A Witch’s life may be glamorous with all the magic at one’s fingertips, but the responsibility! And all the things you give up to be a vampire! Sunrises, sunsets, chocolate! (Although I love how Michele Bardsley fixes that one!) But as a Were! High metabolism! So you can eat whatever you want! Great hair! And with that (at least) once a month change you don’t have to worry about if you get a bad haircut! You can go out ANYTIME! With no daylight restriction! What could be better? Hmmm, maybe a succubus? Having men panting after you! Being the being all men desire… But I would hate to leave a string of corpses behind! Nope! Weres it is! But don’t ask me to pick just one Were! I would love to be a true shape shifter, to be whatever I choose. That way if I am feeling catty I could grow claws and hiss! Or …. A bit of the canine female, well you get the picture!

But what about you? How did you come to love the paranormal? What brought you over to our “dark side” so to speak? What are YOUR favorite paranormal beings? And why? Share with us! We would love to hear what YOU like!


JoAnne Kenrick said...

Morning ladies.

Awesome! I'm laughing at your comments about vampires, and understand where your addiction to books came from. It's a shame not as many kids reads, or are encouraged to read, as they use to be. My kids are spoon fed the books too, and they love it. I fell in love with books after watching--yes watching, 'Anne of Green Gables'. As for the paranormal, my interests have always been that way inclined. Heck, I worked for UK's leading Exorcist because I'm that into it! Don't ask me why, I don't know. It's always been that way for me. My favorite paranormal creature is the mythical, darkly sexy vampire! Oh yeah. We have Anne Rice, The Lost Boys and Dracula to thank for that little obsession of mine. I can certainly appreciate a sexy shifter, too!

Nicole H. said...

Lol! Oh I envy you the opportunity of working with an Exorcist! I bet you have plenty of tales from that! I completely agree with the fact that it is sad that more of today's youth do not read! I am lucky in that my children share my obsession! Interesting way to fall in love with books!

Fran Lee said...

Mine are big cats...that turn into hot men. Like Hallie, and adore cats. But the only kind of cat I turn into is the kind that curls up on the sofa and snoozes all afternoon. LOL! Some hot shapeshifter I would be!

cowomogy??? What kind of verification word is that? :P

Nicole H. said...

LMAO! Ahh Fran you know I wasn't always a cat person, but I have slowly become open to that option! And Hallie's Cats was GREAT! Lol, yes these words get a bit funny huh? Mine is ejebou this time!

Tessie Bradford said...

I'm a huge fan of both vampires and shifters! I especially love books that combine them!

Nicole H. said...

Oh don't get me wrong I DO like Vamps! I just couldn't be one! But I have to agree, I do enjoy a book that can combine the two!

Kayla said...

You know a LOT of people think I'd be a vampire but shifting into ANY creature I wanted to would be so awsome! I'd totally turn into a wolf, the most magnificant creatures our world has! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE vampires! Trust me or I wouldn't write about them, but shifters are so amazing!
I've always been into the paranormal. My mom raised me on ghost hunting and then my aunt got me into the magical world and I trailed off, wandering from there. :) Jo-Anne, how did you get to work with exorsists?? That is awsome!
Great blog post Nicole, Love ya!!!!

Hannah said...

I love love love vampires! Being the most feared and known creature in the world would be totally awesome!
Nicole, what was the first book you read on weres???



Nicole H. said...

Kayla Thanks for being here!

Hannah, the first were book? hmm, let me think. Wow, I HAVE read alot of books since then! I remember the set that got me thinking about it the first time! That was Tara K. Harper's Wolfwalker series. It is not a were series, but it got me wondering about it. But the very first one- I am drawing a blank! When I do remember I will post it! *slaps own hand* Bad bad Nicole! ;) lol

Sara Humphreys said...

Jo-Anne...You worked with an Exorcist??!! That's gotta be the wildest and most unusual job ever! You've got to tell us more about that.

Sara Humphreys said...

Oh..and if you love wolves or weres you ladies have GOT to check out Lori Handeland's Nightcreature Series. Her books are outstanding!!! The whole premise is really sharp and creative. She's my hero.

For Vamps..Christine Feehan's Carpathian Series is outstanding!!

Nicole H. said...

I adore Lori Handeland's Nightcreature series! And yes Carpathians ROCK!

Paris said...

I'm late to the party but I do love big cat shifters that turn into my favorite, the alpha male. There's just something so sexy about a big, sleek jaguar!

Nicole H. said...

Lol, never too late when it comes to books~ Unless its a contest! ;) Thanks so much for stopping by! Aren't Alpha men just Purrrfect? Lol, cheesy maybe but TRUE!

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