Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Waiting Game

At this point it's all about waiting. Which to be honest...really sucks. It's 100% completely out of my control until I hear from back from them. The encouraging part is that I was given specific direction for revision and asked to resubmit. In all of my research, this is just one step from being offered a contract. That's great....but....at least while revising and submitting I still have something to say about it...but now...now I just have to wait.

Working on Book 2 has provided some relief from the waiting game, but not entirely. To be honest, it's been a wild emotional ride. One minute I'm very excited and hopeful...the next I'm worried about possible rejection...and the next I'm nauseous. Roller coaster definitely would be a cliche but fitting analogy.

So for now I write....and wait...and write some more.

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