Thursday, November 13, 2008

Contract Offer on the Table

Recently I was offered a contract for my book series with an epublisher. They do both ebooks and print. Very exciting!!! While I am thrilled at the opportunity to publish my book, I am looking at all of my options carefully. I have a couple of other publishers I am supposed to hear from in the next week. I am very new to the world of publishing and since I don't have an agent I'm really flying solo.

I've done extensive research on line and emailed various authors to get their feedback on each of the publishers. I'll hear great stuff from a few people and then someone else throws out the resounding.."Oh no! Don't go with them!"

It's funny, we can hear 100 good things...why is it that the 1bad one sticks in there attempting to cancel out all the good?

The good news is that I've heard positive stuff about all of them. From what I've found, the best thing about working with a small press initially is that it gives an author time to develop as a writer. Many successful writers started with smaller companies first and then went on to the big boys in NY.

I also spoke with a lovely woman last night who runs a PR company specifically for Romance Novelists. She was fantastic! At her behest, I am going to reach out to a few of the authors she works with to get their feedback. She would handle Media packets, arranging book signings and setting up interviews. Since I am working full time, have the four kids....I will definitely need help in the Promo department!

I'm excited about what lies ahead...don't get me wrong...I can't run out and quit my job or anything ...but this is a very interesting direction and I look forward to exploring it.

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