Saturday, November 22, 2008

Great Aritcle from PC World-Chic Gifts for Tech Geeks.

Hi...below is a little blurb I found on msn about Chich Gifts for Tech Geeks. It's about the Amazon Kindle...check it out..

Gifts for the Discerning GeekAmazon Kindle E-Book Reader (© PC World)
Amazon Kindle E-Book Reader
The Amazon Kindle isn't new, but it remains a near-perfect gift for techies of a literary bent. The combination of fast, simple wireless access to a growing list of books, newspapers and blogs, plus an easy-to-read screen, makes the Kindle a dream for frequent travelers. I don't love Amazon's digital-rights management; the page-turning buttons are easy to hit accidentally; and the design is, well, ugly. But it's an ugly you can grow to love. As to rumors of a next-generation Kindle, Amazon says that "there will not be a new Kindle until next year at the earliest."

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