Sunday, November 23, 2008

Devine Destinies vs. Extasy Books which Imprint is Best?

So, it turns out that Extasy Books has a mainstream romance imprint, Devine Destinies. DD is also ebooks, but their novels are much tamer. I emailed a few of the authors with Extasy about what sells well and so forth. The responses were all the same, the REALLY hot stuff with Extasy sold the best. As a result, I thought maybe I should sign with their Devine Destinies line. The Amoveo Series is much more of a Sensual Romance, as opposed to an Erotic Romance. Lucky for me the editors have been really open and flexible.

In the end, however, I'm sticking with my gut instinct and going with Extasy Books. While they do have much racier novels than mine, I am confident with a big promo push on my end everything will go well and I"ll find the fan base I know this series is capable of having.

I have relentlessly peppered the editors with questions and they have been patient, responsive and helpful. As this is my first published series, I just want to be sure it lands in the right place. Of course, the key to success is going to be the promotional efforts, not just building but maintaining a fan base.

The beat goes on......

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