Thursday, August 17, 2017

Geotags and Geofitlers: The New "Must-Use" in Social Media?

Geotags and Geofitlers: The New "Must-Use" in Social Media?

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of social media, both personally and professionally. I’ve even branched out by creating and implementing social media campaigns for other businesses.  The best part, aside from the money because that’s nice too, is that I’ve been learning more along the way.
My latest discovery/obsession…Geofilters and Geotags.
I realize there are others who may already be aware of these but if not, read on.
For a small fee Snapchat will create a geofilter for your event. You designate the time frame and select the geographical boundaries of your location. Anyone using Snapchat in your designated area, during your selected time frame, will then see your filter in their Snapchat filter options.
Here’s the geofilter I’ve created for our romance author signing this weekend at the BN in the Christiana Mall in Newark, Delaware.

We can Snap our pics and videos before, after and at the event and use this pretty filter. The hope is that this filter, which is focused on the Christiana Mall, will help get the word out to anyone in the mall and on Snapchat.
Will it help? I have no clue but for ten bucks, which is all it cost me to make this filter, I am willing it give it a shot. From what I’m told by social media darlings, this is THE hot new trick to drive awareness of an event. You can also download your snaps and share them on other platforms like InstagramFB, and Twitter.
On Instagram, you can tag a location for your image before you post. I’ve been doing that and have found that it increases the reach for sure. I’m excited to see how the geofilter impacts our event this weekend.
If you’re on Snapchat, be sure to connect with me and I’ll let you know how this little experiment rolls out.

If you  are looking for help with a social media campaign strategy for a big event or your brand overall, you can message me via this page for a free consultation.

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