Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What the Heck is Paranormal Romance?

What the Heck is Paranormal Romance?

When I tell people that I write paranormal romance, in many cases they look at me with a combination of curiosity and fear. They may not say it aloud but their eyes scream, “What the hell is that?”
Paranormal romance novels bring the reader into a world rife with supernatural creatures and typically our hero and/or heroine have otherworldly abilities as well. The hottie seeking our heroine’s affections may be a vampirewerewolfdemon or a shapeshifter. Hell, the guy could be a leprechaun, albeit a super-hot one, of course. Perhaps he’s a cursed dragon shifter who’s been walking the earth alone for hundreds of years. (That was a not-so thinly-veiled-plug for UNDISCOVERED. Coming to you March 7th!)
If it’s a closed society, the humans around them know nothing of the supernatural creatures who walk among them. However, if humans hangout at a known vampire club, then it’s an open society.
However, no matter what wild abilities the hero and heroine posses, regardless of the danger they’re inevitably trying to avoid or the evil they’re fighting against, these two beautiful, tortured people will find their happily ever after.
The wild creatures and magic make it a paranormal but the happily ever after is what makes it a romance. If there’s not a happy ending for our couple, then it’s not a romance.
If we’re being honest, isn’t all romance kind of paranormal anyway?16472954_1054957767942565_5781786274267226387_nOur lovers may not be able to literally read our minds but sometimes it feels like they do. The everyday heroes can’t shift into werewolves but we all know they can act beastly sometimes. We might not have mystical potions to heal the sick but good old fashioned chicken soup can come damn close.

We don’t have magic but we do have magical moments and that’s paranormal romance in real life.

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