Monday, June 2, 2014

Calling All Book Bloggers!!!

Wow! So far we’ve got 41 bloggers signed up for the VAMPIRE TROUBLE pre-order promotion blog blitz on June 10th!
Here’s the scoop on the #NYCVamps…
To celebrate the launch of VAMPIRE TROUBLE, Sourcebooks and I are running a special promotion. If readers pre-order VAMPIRE TROUBLE and send their proof of purchase to Sourcebooks (email addy coming soon), they will receive aFREE GIFT--a limited edition #NYCVamps button and special bookmark.
In addition, they will be entered into a bunch of special giveaways. When we reach certain pre-sale thresholds: 250, 750, and 1,000–I will give away necklaces that look just like the emerald one Maya wears in VAMPIRE TROUBLE.
When we reach the larger threshold of 2000 pre-orders,  Sourcebooks will pick one person who entered to win a $200 B&N gift card!
So…whaddya think? Want to get in on the action on June 10th?
The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned!
Simply sign up here.
Do you want to pre-order VAMPIRE TROUBLE and get in on the goodies??
Go for it! On June 10th I’ll be posting all the details about where to send your proof of purchase!

VAMPIRE TROUBLE (Dead in the City #2) will be released on July 1st and the promotion officially begins June 1oth…but all pre-orders will be honored in the giveaway!



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