Sunday, October 20, 2013

Get Tall, Dark, and Vampire for only $1.99 Until 10/27!

Tall, Dark, and Vampire (Book 1 in the Dead in the City series) was selected by the peeps at Amazon to be part of their “Big Deal” promotion.  
As of right now it's at #4 on the Amazon Big Deal Best Seller list!
BN, Kobo and iTunes joined the party too, so readers can pick up a copy of TDV for only $1.99 at various locations and the sale runs through 10/27~
It’s a great time to try the first book in this new series about my vampires in NYC.
Not sure what it’s about? Here’s what the reviewer at Booklist had to say…


Olivia, a 300-year-old vampire and proprietor of the Coven, a goth nightclub that is also headquarters for her vampire coven, knows that something strange is going on when she starts dreaming, because vampires don’t dream. Furthermore, she dreams of Douglas, the man she loved who was killed when she was turned. When a man with whom one of her young vampires was playing is found dead, a cop who looks exactly like Douglas—and even has the same first name—is sent to investigate. More murders are committed, and all are linked to Olivia’s nightclub; clearly, a coven of rogue vampires in on the rampage. Vampire politics and legends, like that of blood mates and how true love allows vampires to walk by day, drive this satisfying good-not-evil vampire romance. Olivia cares about family, which, for her, includes people, vampires, dogs, and cats. This novel is the first in a spin-off series, Dead in the City, featuring some of the characters from Humphrey’s Amoveo novels (Undone, 2013). –Diana Tixier Herald

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