Thursday, July 11, 2013

Twitter Party for Tall, Dark, & Vampire!

Twitter Party for Tall, Dark, &Vampire!

I am a fan of/addicted to Facebook and have held various FB parties and contests around the launch of each of my books. However, since I have a brand new series starting in August, I thought I should try something new.

A twitter party for my vampires in NYC!

I’ve been a sporadic tweeter at best but I’m on a mission to improve my tweeting talents. I’ve seen several authors host these twitter parties and thought it was about time that I give it a shot. Apparently these twitter parties can generate thousands of tweets in just a couple of short hours and it’s a fab way to build buzz about a new product. I’m still a relatively new author on the scene and I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of new readers with the Dead in the City vampire series. If you know a reader who loves vamps and romance…then send ‘em my way!

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