Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Melody for My Muse

People often ask where I get ideas or how I overcome an uncooperative muse and for me the answers lie in music. When I'm plotting out a book, one of the first things I do is create a soundtrack for it. When I'm at a crossroads with a character or a hiccup in the plot, I listen to the songs I selected and usually it helps trigger and idea. Sometimes, the soundtrack will get new additions.

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For example, I was driving up to our summmer home in Rhode Island (the backdrop for Unleashed) and the song "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock came on and conjured up all kinds of great images for Samantha and Malcolm. That wasn't originally on the soundtrack for Unleashed but you can bet your butt it was added. I hope you enjoyed Malcolm and Samantha's story and will want to read more about the Amoveo.

"Sleepwalking to Dreaming"--Amy Petty *used in the book trailer for Unleashed
"All Summer Long"--Kid Rock
"Katmandu"--Bob Seger
"The Way You Look Tonight"--Frank Sinatra
"Don't Stop Believin'"--Journey
"Unwritten"-Natasha Bedingfield

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If you read Unleashed, then you've already met the heroine and hero of Untouched
and I'm hoping you're excited to read their story.
 Here's the soundtrack that I used while writing Kerry and Dante's story.

"Honey on the Skin"--Amy Petty *song used in the book trailer for Untouched
"Hurts So Good"--John Cougar Mellencamp
"Teenage Dream"--Katy Perry
"November Rain"--Guns-n-Roses
"Fire Down Below"--Bob Seger
"Lay All Your Love on Me"--Mama Mia Soundtrack
"I'm So into You"--The Strike Nineteens
"Tipitina"--Professor Longhair *this gave me the Louisiana flavor when I needed it

Coming November 2012

Before I get to the soundtrack, can I tell you how much I'm loving the cover of Untamed?!
It is the arc (advanced reading copy) cover and will likely change a bit before the final version
 but I love it so far. The art department at Sourcebooks is amazing and
 somehow manages to capture the spirit of every single book.
Okay, on to the music.
William and Layla are a very different couple from the others you've read about. For starters, Layla knows what she is. She knows she's a hybrid. Half human and half Amoveo from the Cheetah Clan. She's spent her entire life in fear that her Amoveo mate will find her and
conk her on the head like a caveman and drag her away.  
William is a cold, calculating attorney and member of the Gyrfalcon Clan.
He is used to everyone following his instructions without question so when he meets his firey red-headed mate...the poor guy is baffled.

"Promise's Demise"--Amy Petty *this song is used in the book trailer
"Paris (ooh lala)"--Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
"I Run to You"--Lady Antebellum
"Can't Be Tamed"--Miley Cyrus
"The Edge of Glory"--Lady Gaga
"I Go to Extremes"--Billy Joel
"Going Under"--Evanescence

Dream on....

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