Sunday, August 28, 2011

Semi-Finalist #6: Proud Army Wife, Jenn Elliott

My Name is Jenn Elliott, I have been an army wife for over 7 years now in the 8 years my husband has served our country. We have been through thick and thin in the 10 years we have been together. We are not the common military marriage. Unlike most, we dated for 3 years before we got married. So we had a pretty good idea of each others habits before entering the vows of marriage, little did I know I was marrying the army as well.

You think I should of known since my one grandfather served 20 years and retired from the U.S. Army and my other grandfather served in the U.S. Air force. Back then the air force paid you with cash and cartons of cigarettes lol. My husband's side dates back many years in the military as well we have our great grandfather who served in the Italian army, as well as our grandfather who immigrated to America who served in the Sicilian Navy.

People say you know what you got yourself into, but it doesn't seal the hole that is in your heart every time your husband has to leave for training or deployment. My husband missed out on so many life changing events ie the birth of our daughter, her birthdays, first day of pre-k, losing her first tooth, I could go on and on, but I honestly think she makes more of sacrifice than I do at all most 6 years old. I am here to wipe the tears and comfort her that everything will be ok. This process makes paying the bills look like a breeze quite honestly.

My husband is scheduled to deploy the beginning of next year but has been gone on training so much since April and will continue to be up until deployment. Honestly, I rather have him deployed than have him miles away. I don't think I will ever get use to having an empty side of the bed, even if I have two Great Danes hogging it. Sure my life might have heartache, but you know what I would not change a thing. Its because of great people like my family and others, that serve this great nation that keep it a great one! Someone has to step up to do job, and I do it with honor for my loved ones and my country. I am a proud army wife and my child is a proud army brat! As us army wives say "Hoover", leave "hooah" to the soldiers.

**Thank you for sharing your story Jenn and many thanks to your husband for his dedication to our country.**

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