Sunday, June 19, 2011

Week #3 Semi-Finalist: Proud Air Force Wife, Cheryl Chamberlain

Hi there. My name is Cheryl Chamberlain and my husband, Scott, is a SSgt in the Air Force, waiting to find out if he makes Tech Sgt this month, and currently based out of Mountain Home, Idaho AFB.

We live in Boise, and just had our first son Dylan this past February, who was asphyxiated in the womb, and ended up in NICU for 5 weeks after an emergency C-section.

Scott has been deployed or stationed outside mainland USA for 3/4ths of his 15 years with the Air Force. He has been at Mtn. Home for the last 7 of those, but did two tours in Afghanistan, one in South Korea and one in Iraq. He was stationed at Spangdahlem, Germany, Iceland, and has been TDY more times than I can count. When asked where he's been, I always reply that it's easier to state where he HASN'T been!

He signed up for his last 5 yrs in the Air Force, so he can retire after 20 yrs in the Air Force while I tackle getting my bachelors in Nutrition Science, while running a home-based business with Just Jewelry LLC, as well as taking care of my new baby boy, and my eldest son, Liam, who is 13.

Throughout all of life's challenges and hardships, we've both survived divorces with our first marriages, and came together after 5 yrs of knowing each other, and marrying July 31, of last year. We are both away from family, as his family is in Altoona, PA and mine is in the suburbs of Chicago.

Thank you for recognizing military families! It's wonderful what you do, and we sincerely appreciate it!

-- Cheryl Chamberlain

Happy Father's Day to Scott and all the other devoted dads out there.

Many thanks to Cheryl for sharing her story!!

How about you? Are you a proud military wife? Then send in your story!

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Cheryl Chamberlain said...

that is too awesome for words. thank you so much!!!

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