Sunday, March 20, 2011

Romance Roundup Featuring Authors Tamara Hogan & Joanne Kenrick

Hello and happy spring everyone! It's a gorgeous day here in the NYC area and I can't wait to get out there and enjoy it with my guys.

I'm so excited about the two authors we're featuring this week on Romance Roundup!

Taste Me is Ms. Hogan's debut novel and boy does it deliver! The world that Ms. Hogan has created is brilliant, intricate and vividly erotic. There's sex, love, rock-n-roll and a little murder to keep Lukas (the hottest incubus ever) on his toes. He's hopelessly in love/lust with Scareltt Fontaine a sexy siren he can't get out of his system. If you love Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance then you must get this book. Click here to buy Taste Me.

Joanne Kenrick

When a Mullo Loves a Woman is the first novel from paranormal romance author Joanne Kenrick. This sexy, fun and intriguing book is perfect for anyone who loves vampires. The hero, Adam, is positively delicious. The heroine, Pearl Kizzy, is fun and spunky. She's the kind of girl you can imagine being your best friend. There are various twists and no spoilers here! It's simple...Love Vamps=Buy this book!

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