Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Week #2 Semi-Finalist- Crystal Weatherington


I am not going to tell you how difficult that life can be as a military family, because I am sure that you know first hand what life is really like.

A little about the Weatherington Family:

I am a stay at home mother and wife to a wonderful 5 year old little boy named Trenton. When my son was just 2 years old we all moved from the warm sunny state of Florida to support my husband in a military career. We had a huge shock the minute we crossed the state line into upstate NY. Always living in Florida this was a huge shock for us, to go from sun and sand to snow and endless months of winter. Anyways, enough about being up here in New York at Fort Drum, like I was saying we all moved up here to support my husbands military career, and we all couldn't be prouder of him. He is an Air-traffic controller in the US Army! We are getting ready to hit our second deployment in 3 years, I have found alot of things important by being a military spouse. Like lending a hand to a wife in need, or being there to listen and lend support. I am still a young wife (26) but I have learned alot in the time we have been here. My FRG was such a welcomed family I was happy to help when asked to be a key caller, not only did I get the opportunity to connect with alot of military families but I had the pleasure of learning what military family is really like. I was recently asked to be the new FRG leader and cannot wait. I love my military life and wouldn't trade it for anything.

As a side note....children are so invaluable that when my husband deployed for the first time my 4 year old son came to me one night while I was crying and said "mommy it's ok, don't be worried I am the man of the house now and will take care of you!" Children in the military live a completely different life from most children, my son has grown up so much...

Well I am sure this is long enough...

Thank you for reading
Crystal Weatherington
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