Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Semi-Finalist Week # 5: An Army of Five

We are an Army family of 5 - Husband Tim (SM), me -Susanna, Alex 11 years old, Anna with Down Syndrome 13 years old and Tyler 15 years old.

We have been lucky to not have to move every 2 years. I believe in 17 years we've been lucky to have had to move only 7 times, my husband had 3 deployments. Hopefully, this is all behind us. I came to this beautiful country 15 years ago! I finally received my American citizen ship in 2007!
The last 4 years we have been stationed on JB Lewis McChord and we are currently on our way out to Ft.Carson, Colorado Springs.
Not sure what to tell you about us.

Our family is a very active family when it comes to little adventures...duathalons, little adventure races,runs. We love to camp and hang out with friends.

I have started a website militarydutystations.com that was started to help all milspouses get inside information about their new duty station. Getting first hand info about where to live and what schools are good is really essential for a family to move. I am hoping to pull that together on ONE site. I have also collected all the info about PCSing that I could and put it together in an every changing PCS Guide. I really don't want this to just be a plug for my site but this is a big deal for us. As all family members are involved in this (video: moving with a special needs member, Alex and Tyler are talking about their summer plans, Tim is talking about timeline planning, Reba(our 13 year old white lab) is included in a little pet relocation video, Tyler also developed my LOGO, Tim is working on my website LOL it's called free labor! HA)

What else can I tell you?

Make your experience count! Tell others about your current or past military duty stations or learn from others about your new installation:
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***Remember---Every weekend between now and Labor Day I will select 1 semi-finalist to highlight here on the blog. ! There are some great prizes to be had. A portion of my annual book proceeds go to ASMBA-STAR--my favorite charity for Vets and their families. So spread the word to all those hard working, dedicated military families out there.***

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