Sunday, May 30, 2010

Week #1 Semi-Finalist: A Mother's Tribute

I would like to enter my daughter, Carrie Reyes. This is her husband's fourth time to go to Iraq. They have four children, two with special needs. She spreads herself pretty thin to take care of them, and go to school but she has managed both very well. This year has been pretty rough because the state of Georgia doesn't have much knowledge or tolerance for children with Autism. She has had to stand up to the school system for not treating her child in the proper manner. Even an expert from Emery could not change the schools way of treating her son. It was good for her son to see that she was brave enough to stand up for him. She and Adam have another son who has sever medical problems. Both Carrie and Adam have treated this son as they do the others. He goes to the accelerated high school where they live and recently was asked to write an essay on how his handicaps have
helped him get to where he is. I think what he said is a great tribute to their parenting. He said, "I don't have any handicaps."

She is always sending her husband "care packages" and makes sure all the guys in the unit has a bag of snacks when they leave. She also bakes cookies and sends them to the whole unit. She is very thoughtful, but it doesn't stop at her husband, whom she loves very much. She checks on several of the wives to make sure things are going ok for them. All in all, I think she makes an excellent Army Wife.

And Adam, her husband is the best 1st Sergeant I've known. He has been in EOD for over 20 years with no mishaps. He is good to those under him and makes sure they are trained right. He also worries about them when they are out on a mission and he has to stay behind. He is sharp when he needs to be and concerned when he needs to be. He has had to watch his wife raise their kids almost on her own while he is serving our country. And what better praise can be given to him than, his mother- in-law loves him as her own son.

Joyce Phillips

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