Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to shop at Borders by Sue Grimshaw--National Buyer of Romance for BORDERS!

Borders bookstores have been around since the early 70’s with their first bookstore in Ann Arbor, MI. Now, over 600 Borders stores across the country offer customers a vast assortment of books. Of course, I think Borders is the best place to shop & I want you to as well, so, I thought I’d give you ten, out of many good reasons to shop Borders for your Romance books . . .

10- Because you like me & the chance to win books on Sue’s Borders True Romance blog (!

9- Borders is connected - Twitter, Facebook, & our Blogs! Of course, you can find me on Facebook & Twitter too - just follow Sue Grimshaw!

8-Borders carries Movies, Music, Ebooks, Digital Audio, AND of course, lots of books

7-Borders posts our weekly deals so you won’t miss out on the savings, click here

6-Borders has a media center with all your favorite authors from Romance & other genres, click here to check out these exclusive programs

5- Borders Rewards members get great values with weekly coupons & more, click here & sign up today!

4- Like booktrailers ?– we’ve got them all & more from our friends at Readers Entertainment Group

3- We LOVE ROMANCE & our customers too! Click Here

2- We help you choose your books, with a knowledgeable booksellers in our stores & a great shopping list online, click here

1 - Buy 4 Get 5th FREE on click hereThanks for reading just a few of the many reasons we would like Borders to be your place to shop for Romance! Now, tell me, what is on your reading list for April?

GIVEAWAY - Romcon Offer - 3 randomly chosen commenters will be chosen - GOOD LUCK!:Winning ticket is good for ONE ($125) Reader Registration to RomCon 2010 - July 9-11, 2010 in Denver, CO. Winners must be US residents. The base ticket grants admission to all RomCon 2010 award ceremonies and core reader events, but does not include meals, travel, or hotel accommodations. Meals are available for purchase when the attendee registers. The ticket has no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for cash. Unclaimed tickets expire June 15, 2010.


Nicole H. said...

Lol! I have to say I love those 10 Reasons! Welcome to Sara's blog! I hope you have a lot of comments! And please include me in the contest! I will pass the word on the contest!

Sue said...

Hey Nicole - yes please do & am glad you like the reason :) Happy Romance!

Sara Humphreys said...

Hello and a huge welcome to Sue Grimshaw!! Love the Top 10 Reasons and all the cool prizes too.

Nicole -- thanks so mch for stopping by and spreading the word too.

Joann J. said...

Nicole H. told me to check out the contest! Ok, she drug me to the computer and said "Look!" Count me in!

Nicole H. said...

More than happy to help out! It is posted on Twitter and FB. Hope that helps out a bit! Wait, wait..... do I really mean that? Because that means more people in the drawing pot..... Yes , yes I do! lol

Terry Odell said...

What about, "Because your daughter gave you a gift card for Mother's Day?"

suegrimshaw said...

Romcon will be a great event. Readers from all over the country will have the opportunity to talk about books, authors, stories & what we love about them. I can't wait to hear the inside scoop from readers about paranormal, do we still like them? What are we tired of? & why all of a sudden are contemporaries so hot? You've got to come to Denver & join in on the fun!

Nicole H. said...

Sue, I have a question for you. What do you think of the Kobo? It was just brought to my attention, and I thought it was a possible alternative ebook reader for teens. What do you think?

Sara Humphreys said...

I still love paranormal romance...and always will. Fads do come and go but I was reading Feehan and Handeland long before "Twilight" came on the scene.

As far as e-readers, I don't know much about the Kobo at all. I've got a Sony e-reader and it's pretty good. I would LOVE to get the i-pad though. *drool*

Nicole H. said...

How long are you going to have the contest going to an Anime Convention in Dallas and can tell more people about it if you like!

Nicole H. said...

Oh yes and Sue, if you ever need an assistant I want to apply!

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