Friday, January 15, 2010

Follow Your Dreams--(Safety Net Included)

This past week my baby sister bit the bullet. She did something that I think--no scratch that--I know was incredibly brave. She left the New York area, her family, friends and ultimately her comfort zone--for the wild west. Kate is an actress and has taken the plunge. She moved out to L.A. to try her talented hand at auditioning during pilot season. Granted she was smart about it. She's worked and networked her pretty little butt off here in NYC for the past couple of years. So she's not going out there on a wing and a prayer--she's got a plan and some killer connections.

She and my Dad--who is the absolute BEST by the way-drove across the country together. They went from NY-LA in four days. Even better--they documented their journey with video montages for all of us East Coasters to enjoy.

I have to say we are blessed. My siblings and I have unbelievably supportive parents and in turn we are equally supportive of each other. It's this safety net of unconditional love and family support that allows all of us to follow our dreams. My husband has provided that same safety net for me with my writing career. It really is a gift to have such a great support system and I strive to provide my boys with the same sense of security.

So as Kate is out reaching for the stars she can do it knowing that we've got her back.

We love you Kate. Go get 'em!

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Kate Taney said...

This brought a tear to my eye. Love you, Sar.

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