Monday, October 5, 2009

Book Signing up at Borders near Fort Drum!

What a pretty time of year to take a drive up to Watertown, NY! It was a wonderful signing event at Borders in The Salmon Run Mall near Fort Drum. I had the distinct privilege of meeting several members of our military and their families. It was a beautiful Saturday but the mall was hopping!
My signing liaison, Stephanie ( a proud military wife) did an unbelievable job promoting our event--and as a result we sold tons of books!!
She posted in online and had it put in the area newspapers as well.
Way to go!!
Unfortunately her kiddies were sick and she couldn't make I took lots of pics so she could see how all her hard work paid off.
The people up in Watertown are incredibly friendly and the staff was awesome! My last signing in this tour is coming up at my Alma mater--Marist College--during Alumni Weekend.

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Nicole H. said...

Those are great pics Sara! Just don't forget about Texas! Hee hee I can get you some stores here!

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