Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Book Signing in The Big Easy!

Had a great time at the Borders Book Signing in New Orleans. The entire staff was incredibly helpful and set us up in a great area. This Borders is on St. Charles Street and pre-Katrina it was a Funeral Home. Cool huh?

I have to give major props to my Signing Liaison Kelly! She had already read "The Amoveo Legacy" and volunteered to be my Liaison when she heard I was coming down to NOLA. She did an awesome job! She even brought her daughter and a friend along. So a HUGE Thank You to Kelly!! What a great lady.

I also got to meet several other folks while I was there. Stephanie & her hubby David came by to say hello and pick up a book or two. We connected on Twitter and I was thrilled that they showed up!!

Our stay in New Orleans was such fun and I can't wait to go back. Book 2 in my shifter series actually takes place in NOLA so it was also a great opportunity to do some research....and have some fun :)

Next stop.....Borders in Watertown, NY....right by Fort Drum!


E. Jamie said...

Awesome pics! Book signings scare the beejezits out of me. Have no idea how I would set one up.

Sara Humphreys said...

Setting 'em up is pretty straight forward. Call the store and ask to speak with the Communty Relations Manager. The key is showing them a strong marketing plan.
Also at the signing itself you have to be up on your feet! Gotta pull 'em in as they walk by and engage folks in coversation.
You can do it!

E. Jamie said...

Thanks for the tips! Now I just have to gather up my nerve.

Could you still do it if your book isn't carried in the stores but is from a small press?

Sara Humphreys said...

Mine is small press. I assured them that I would buy back any left over that they didn't want. So far I only had to do that once because they ordered a double shipment by mistake. Worked out fine because I needed some books to send out with press kits. Be persistent. Be flexible.

E. Jamie said...

So do you give the publishers address to the CR Manager and then they order the books before the agreed upon signing date?

Thanks for answering my questions. I had no idea how to go about this.

Sara Humphreys said...

My publisher gets print books Via Ingrams (Lightening Source) Borders can order through Ingrams and will usually order directly from them. B&N does it Consignment style. You bring the books. They send you a check. I will say B&N is much less willing to do signings with Small Press authors. Just be persistent & professional. Have a marketing plan ready to send them via email.

E. Jamie said...

Okie, last pestering question. (laughs) What would you include in a marketing plan?

Nicole H. said...

GRATS! That is awesome! I am glad you got to work in some lol fun time! So any plans on coming down to Texas? Say Waco? We have a B&N- ugh- and a BAM- Books A Million, and another town just an hour away or so that has a B&N, Hastings, and such! Lol, I will feed you! ;)

Sara Humphreys said...

Hi Nancy--For your marketing plan include all the ways you're promoting your book.
Your Website
Blogs (yours & any you contribute to)
Provide links so they can check them out if they'd like to.
Also let them know you'll reach out to local media. Most newspapers will list events like this in a "What's Happening" section for example.
Good luck :)

Sara Humphreys said...

Hi Nicole!
Thanks for the well wishes. I would love to come to Texas :) Especially since I've got a great contact in the area!
Maybe for Book 2!

E. Jamie said...

Oh cool beans. That sounds easy enough. Now my only excuse is that whole nerve thing...(laughs)

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