Sunday, August 23, 2009

US Military Wives Semi-Finalist Week #12

My husband is a United States Marine. The Marine Corps is all about Pride and Tradition. My husband had to deploy to Iraq three weeks before I gave birth to our son Logan. A week after I had Logan I had internal bleeding and had to have more surgery. I wish my husband could have been there, and I know he would of like to be there for both occasions. Families make sacrifices as do military members. We have been stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC and are now stationed at Parris Island, SC. My husband is a Marksmanship coach now. He is non-deployable for a bit. So we are thinking of trying for child number 2 why he is here.
Proud Marine Wife,
Laura Zalfen

**Remember, as part of this summer long contest, I will be donating a portion of my proceeds from all of my book sales between the dates of 6/1/09-8/31/09 to ASMBA STAR an outstanding charity for Veterans and their families**

Only 1 more week to enter!

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