Friday, May 8, 2009

New Website & Chatting TONIGHT at The Haunt

Happy Friday everyone :)

I am so pumped because my new website is up and running. I had one previously that was....well it sucked. It was a "do it yourself" site that clearly looked like I did it myself--so sad. After getting my new book cover from my publisher, I went to the cover artist's website to see what else she did. Needless to say I emailed her right away. I wasted no time and hired her to completely overhaul my site. I couldn't be more pleased. Angie did an outstanding job! I hope you'll come on over and have a look! Send me a message and let me know what you think.

Tonight I'll be chatting LIVE at The Haunt. It's a fun yahoo group and the link is here on the blog. Just click and join me tonight. I'll be posting a sneak peek from Book 2: An Amoveo Heart.


Lisa said...

Hi, I emailed you from your website, and said that it looks fantastic. Once again, the image would have been enough for me to buy the book, and so having the excerpt was a thrill! Now I know I'll love it :) By the way - I wandered to your website from Facebook, so that marketing tool is working for ya ;)

Been in love with Capt. Kirk for 20 years, too...huge crush. I was always jealous of those alien women he'd hook up with. LOL

Good luck, I'm very excited for you, and also to read your book, of course.

Sara Humphreys said...

Thanks so much!!

Hey btw...did you see the new Star Trek??? It was SO good!!! I highly suggest you go see it. It's worth the price admission for sure :)

Thanks again...hope you'll love the book!

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