Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Meaning of Memorial Day

This is a little cross blogging. I posted this on HEA's Blog on Friday at the start of Memorial Day weekend. I was just setting up our hot dogs and hamburgers and thought that perhaps it was appropriate to post it here as well.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! Memorial Day weekend has become the kick-off to summer time. Vacations, bar-b-ques, beaches, pools, cold beer and hot nights. All of these words, and several more, have become synonymous with Memorial Day weekend and summer fun. However, this holiday weekend was not founded for hot dogs and potato salad. I think sometimes everyone, including myself, forgets that.

This weekend we are supposed to be remembering those who have fallen and given their lives for us, for our freedom.This weekend there are thousands of American families who have empty seats at their picnic tables and yellow ribbons around the oak trees. For many families those seats will remain empty. Those young men or women will not return home. They gave their lives in exchange for the freedom we all enjoy. For others, those seats sit empty waiting to be filled again.So this weekend when you raise a glass, take a moment to remember. Remember how lucky you are to have your loved ones with you. Remember those who are fighting far away for you and for me. Pray that they come home soon and give their families the best Happily Ever After of all.

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Unknown said...

On this Memorial Day my husband of 15 years was still working at 10pm or 2200hrs while ramping up for deployment to Iraq. When I was talking to him, I reminded him of the day, thanked him, and enchoraged him to remind others of this day, shocked that he hadn't even realized it was a holiday. Everything that they are doing, is for our country. No matter how small it seems, no matter how tired they are ---- we are so proud of him/them. Working so late on the day that we have set aside to remember those who have fallen. Yes, the day is there for a reason, let's not forget those who have paid the most ultimate sacrifice of all, their lives. And, my son and I will pray for that "happily ever after" safe return of our heroe. But, we also will NEVER forget those who have fallen. Blessings

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