Sunday, May 17, 2009

Boys, Bumps and Bruises

As a mother of four young boys, trips to the ER have become an annual event. What is the deal? Why do they inevitably wound themselves? Gratefully, it's rarely a broken limb (we've only had one of those) but someone is always bumping, bruising or scraping themselves up. I think it's because boys only have 3 speeds....Sleep....FULL SPEED/MACH 12.....and that vegetative state they enter during video games or television.

Yesterday was ER trip #1 for 2009. Leo, my 11 year old, received an electric scooter for his birthday a couple of weeks ago. He loves this thing. He zips up and down the neighborhood streets with a big dopey grin on his adorable face. Well he was at it again and just as I was about to take all four of them to the playground he emerged from around the corner with two bloody knees. Sigh. least he had his helmet on.

I took him inside thinking that some Neosporin and band-aids would fix him up. Not so much. A pretty sizable chunk was missing from his right knee. Ewww. So much for the's an afternoon in the emergency room instead. God Bless the little guy, he was a trooper and had good sense of humor about it. As we sat waiting to be seen he said, "Well...I went 11 years before I had to go the emergency room. I'm a boy...that's got to be some kind of record."

It made me laugh because it was indeed his first trip. His three brothers have each managed a few trips. In fact at William's last visit for a bumped head he was wearing a t-shirt which read..."I do all my own stunts." Nice.

A few hours and three stitches later we were on our way home. Like I always say....Life with all these boys is anything but dull!

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Bekki Lynn said...

Jeff is the youngest of my four, he'll be 16 in September. I've yet to take him to the emergency room. He's been scooting and skateboarding for three years - my time is coming, I know.

I hold my breath whenever he goes out. He does things off concrete porches, ramps and our community stage at city park. The church takes him as well as others on trips to skating parks.

Now, the other three have all been there, but only the third child had multiple visits, but never for injuries. He has chronic asthma.

I feel fortunate we've not had to deal with many things considering how active my boys have always been with sports, especially neighborhood games where there are no holds barred.

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