Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Difference Between the Men and the Boys

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, many ladies out there may be wondering what their sweethearts will come up with for the most romantic day of the year. Will it be yet another box of chocolates with the obligatory card? Romantic gift giving separates the men from the boys.

Boy Gift: Box of Russell Stovers wrapped in the clear cellophane
Man Gift: Godivas placed on your pillow with a little note

Boy Gift: Gas station carnations with a shelf life of 1 day (likely dyed a color not found in nature)
Man Gift: A single red rose hand delivered to your door

Boy Gift: A gift card to Old Navy/GAP
Man Gift: Doing all the laundry and putting it away

Boy Gift: Dinner out (probably local pub with sports on in the background)
Man Gift: He makes you dinner...AND cleans up

Boy Gift: Trial membership to the gym (so not only is he telling you to lose weight he doesn't think you'll stick with it...nice)
Man Gift: Gift certificate to the spa for a full day of beauty (if you have children it also means he takes the kids)

Boy Gift: Something sexy and lacy for you to wear for him. (Probably resembles dental floss has an eye patch and will give you a severe wedgie)
Man Gift: A bubble bath with wine, candles and yourself. (He waits patiently for you to finish..never once asking.."Are you done yet.")

Last but not least, when you emerge from the bedroom in your carefully chosen outfit (Which by the way probably was result of trying on 87 different combinations) he will of course have something to say. The BOY says..."Oh, you're wearing that?" The MAN smiles broadly and says...."You look beautiful."

Happy Valentine's Day Ladies. I hope you've all got a great MAN. I know I do.


Galina said...

Nice post.... Very romantic... :-) I think everyone who read it will appreciate a man in their life and if they have a boy... they are now wishing for a man... :-)

Marci Baun said...

So true and very romantic. My husband gets me a dozen red roses every year. Lovely, lovely man :)

Kimber Chin said...

Very romantic.

I'm a carnation gal though.
They last longer (at least two weeks).
The hubby and I have a simple type of love.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Great post, Sara! Sadly there are many boys out there...
Hope everyone who reads this has a man, not a boy.
Any flowers for me, please. I love them all.

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