Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Changes Made to Novel Romance Guest Book!!

So...here I am on vacation with my husband and four sons in Williamsburg, VA. Although not attached to my laptop as I normally am, I have been periodically checking in on my website, Guest Book etc. Well today I was stopped dead in my tracks.

If you recently signed the Guest Book on my website you may have received a scam email from an unscrupulous person. Unfortunately, some scamming dirt bag trolled my website and developed a scam email to send out to everyone. HUGE Thanks to Kim who got it and posted it to the page so I found out about it.

I am, needless to say, FURIOUS at whoever did this. I have adjusted the Guest Book at http://novelromance.net so that your emails are seen only by me. If you eneterd Feb. contest, not to worry, it is still going strong. I apologize if you got the scammers email: I am pasting it below so you can keep an eye out. I know that most people see emails like the one below, and click delete...but it is still infuriating none the less.

Carol Conte <carolgirl1983@yahoo.com> reply-to carolgirl1983s@yahoo.comHello Dear, I am Carol Conte, the only daughter from the last wife of Ex Guinea President, Late Gen. Lasana Conte who died last year December 22, you may be aware of it in the news. I just want to make you my friend and will want you to help me have my freedom,I ran for my safety to a neaby refugee camp Lome-Togo. However, I just found your email at Novel Romance site, I am not asking you to send me money but need your help to secure my freedom so that i will be safe. I want you to write me if you can help me, I am in distress. I will send you my picture if you want. Lots of love, Carol Conte---YEAH RIGHT "CAROL CONTE" --what a pig

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