Sunday, January 18, 2009

Top 10 Things to Do When Snowed In

10. Clean out the closet or know you've got at least one where crap falls out on top of you. You run the risk of being impaled by an umbrella or knocked unconscious by the random football/basketball that has been haphazardly shoved up on the top shelf.

9. Sleep. Let's face it most of us don't get enough of it so why not get it while you can.

8. Watch a classic old movie you would never normally watch. I'm talking the old black & white movies. For example "Bringing Up Baby"....oldie but a goodie with a very young and beautiful Ms. Hepburn.

7. Make a huge steaming cup of chocolaty hot cocoa with heaps of marshmallows (to be sipped slowly while watching the old movie).

6. Play a board game with who ever is around. I highly recommend Scrabble. Hey...even if you're alone you can still play. Be will lead to talking to yourself out loud.

5. Make your favorite comfort food. For some folks it means baking cookies and for others baking a lasagna. For me....a slow cooked beef stew in the crock pot. Gotta love the crock pot. You just toss various ingredients in the pot, turn it on and walk away. Now THAT is my kind of cooking.

4. Have kids? Well there are lots of things to do, but my favorite is the oldie but goodie of reading with them. Don't have kids? Well, if you're snowed in, you & your honey you could use this quality time to make some kids..or at least practice.

3. Dance. That's right, you heard me. Dance. Find your favorite songs on the ipod or stereo, turn it up as loud as you can and dance like no ones watching. You'll feel great and get some exercise while you're at it.

2. Pick up the phone and call someone you love. We all get so busy. How often have you said during your crazy days..."Oh, I've got to call her?" This is the perfect time to do it and remind them how much you love them. Snow days are natures way of forcing us to slow down and regroup.

1. Read a book! Try something new. Take the time to learn how to download an ebook to your computer. You can buy them at,, or you can go directly to publishers like or Take the time to learn'll be glad you did!

One more thing....Cornelia just posted this link to me in her comments...the snow day's fun..>Thanks Cornelia!


cornelia amiri said...

# 1 is the best. Read A Book! Great List. Here's another thing to do when you're snowed in - Do your Snow Day Dance
-on you tube-

Sara Humphreys said...

Hey Cornelia..>That was great! I'm posting the link to my blog. Thanks for coming by and for the link :)

Marci Baun said...

Not likely to get snowed in in Southern California, but these are great suggestions anyway. Sleep sounds really good right now. LOL

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