Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blogging Business

I have to say this promotional endeavor for my book series is quite the undertaking. I had NO idea what this whole promo effort would entail! Publishers don't do much promoting, most of the work is done by the authors. As I've been navigating my way through cyberspace, I've had the pleasure of connecting with authors from all over the world and it's pretty cool. There are all kinds of chat groups and blogs to connect with and get the word out about a new author and their work.

This week I connected with another blogger and her site. I am very happy to report that I will be a contributing blogger with Jojo and her crew at Missmakeamovie. It's right up my ally! Lots of great talk about movies and pop culture. I am so excited to be a part of this fantastic group. Here's the link so you can check them out too!!

Another great place is Yahoo Groups. They've got groups for anything and everything you can possibly imagine...and maybe even some you can't ;)

PNR is a great group (their link is here on my site). They've got several groups under their umbrella. Whether you're a reader, author, publisher....if you're into the Paranormal romance genre then they're a great group to hook up with.

As part of my ongoing effort to promote my series, I will be participating in monthly author chats beginning in March. One Friday a month from 7pm-10pm I'll be the Featured Author at PNR's The Haunt! Hooray! I can't wait to connect with readers and other authors even more.

I have a few other blogs and chats that I'm working on. I even started my own group on I just have to figure out what to do with it.

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