Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!

This morning as I was sitting at breakfast with my husband and four sons, I asked each of them to say what they were most thankful for. I was so proud that all four boys named their Family as what they were most grateful for. What I found interesting was that my ten year olds #2 item was that our family had a home because he heard on the news how many people were losing their homes. As I looked at the 5 handsome faces sitting with me at the table, I was overcome with gratitude. I kept asking myself..."How did I get so lucky?" Of course as I was in the midst of this tear provoking 7 yr old twins began yelling at one another across the table and chaos resumed. Even with the organized chaos, that is our home, I am thankful. I wish everyone and their families a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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