Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Great Xmas Gift Idea! Especially for Readers that Love Gadgets!

Do you love to read? Me too! Especially on a trip, be it vacation or business, I always bring at least one book to read. Bringing more than one becomes a real pain in the butt. They add weight and once you're finished with it...what do you do with it? It goes on a book shelf somewhere and takes up space at your house.

Problem solved! Get an e Reader. Currently there are two different ones...The Sony e Reader or The Kindle e Reader. They are slim, lightweight and you can upload hundreds of books on them. The screens have adjustable lighting, and print size. Cool stuff. They cost around $300 but I did see the Sony e Reader on for about $270. Nice. That initial investment is a little pricey, but so are buying hardcover books OR large paperbacks.

Most ebooks range in price from $2.99-$6.99---much less expensive than print overall.

SO if you know someone that likes to read and/or someone who loves to have the latest gadget. Check out getting them an e-reader for Xmas this year.

Two other outstanding benefits.....

First...ebooks save lots of trees because no paper. can read "The Amoveo Legacy" anywhere...not just at your computer :)

Just a thought....

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