Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Amoveo Heart: Book 2

After I posted this blog about my paranormal romance series, it occurred to me that my prospective publisher may not like it. So I bit the bullet and asked if it's alright to publicize my series before actual publication...luckily the answer was YES! I was told, as long I didn't put up any Chapters it's all good. Phew! that Book 1 is headed in the right direction. On to Book 2!

The Amoveo Heart will follow two of the characters from Book 1, Dante and Kerry. He is Amoveo and she is human....with a very special gift. She finds it more of a curse than a gift and has kept it hidden from everyone, even her best friend. This secret talent connects her to a world she doesn't even know exists and will change her life forever.

Stay tuned....

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