Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Surprise

First of all...Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and got everything you asked for from Santa. My boys were all thrilled with their various electronic gadgets, PSP's, DS's, I-Pods and so forth. As soon as the gift giving was finished they scattered to the four corners of the house and were instantly absorbed into their games. I must say the big guy surprised me this year. (By the way by "big guy" I mean my hubby) Much to my delight he got me the brand new SONY E Reader!! This thing is so cool. It uploads everything from books, music, newspapers, pictures, name it! It's got a touch screen, which is fantastic. Also, the screen doesn't read like a reads like paper. It's wild!! You can adjust the font sizes, book mark pages, adjust the lighting...everything. It's only about a half inch
thick, weighs next to nothing and has a sleek black leather cover. It's awesome!!
So this year, much like my children, I immediately became absorbed in my fancy new gadget. I'm going to go to my publisher's site and upload one of my fellow authors books. You can bet I'll be uploading "The Amoveo Legacy" as soon as it's available. I'm putting the link below the Sony Store. Apparently you can only buy this from Sony. Here you go...and enjoy!

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